Who’s Your Favorite Travel Buddy? Top 6 Types of Travel Buddies We Love Traveling With!

Travel, they said, is best experienced with a bunch of friends. Although solo travel is empowering and an eye-opening experience, but there is nothing quite like traveling and seeing the world with your best buddies. From tasting mouth-watering food to gazing on mesmerizing sunsets, every experience in your trip just feels more fun and magical when you have your buddies with you.


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However, travelling can sometimes be a real headache – from deciding where to go, what to do, what to eat, etc. Like it or not, our travel buddies can determine whether you’ll be having an amazingly-epic trip or a dreadful one.

So, which type of travel buddy are you? Or which type of travel buddy you would love to travel with? To get started, here are the top 6 types of people you’ll love to travel with.


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#1 The Foodie


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“Hey guys, we should totally check out this place! It has lots of good reviews. Let’s eat here!”

No explanation needed.

From chomping on insects to melting in the sweetest desserts, the Foodie is the one who’s going to suggest the best restaurants and cafes that the country’s own locals love to dine in. The Foodie is also likely to spread their love for all things edible. They are always on a quest to search the Internet and food bloggers to expand their list of food. The Foodie just enjoy discovering the must-try dishes, exotic treats and infectious craze for food that will encourage you to eat all the special or weirdest local dishes on the menu.

#2 The Super Planner


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“Okay guys, please get ready as we’ll have to leave in 5 minutes and get to our next destination in 29 minutes.”

The Super Planner is the detailed-oriented one with an excel sheet of the entire trip’s itinerary, planned down to the minute and printed out before the trip. The Super Planner will be sure to book all the tickets and get the group to each destination on time. The Super Planner watches the time like a hawk, and would definitely have done extensive research about the must-sees and must-dos for the holiday so you don’t have to worry about what to do next but to just follow along. Guess what, travel planning becomes pretty easy and convenient, especially when you have this type of travel buddy on board!

#3 The Cheapskate


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“Can you give me discount ah? If I buy two, can get one free?” in the respective local language – which is often the first phrase they learn.

So, if you are traveling on a tight budget, you’ll definitely need the Cheapskate buddy. Forget about the flashy shopping malls or high-class restaurants, and follow this budget-conscious travel companion to outlet stores and flea markets. Traveling does not have to be expensive when this Cheapskate travel buddy has the unrivaled bargaining skills to seek out the best slashed deals. Having this Cheapskate buddy around, you’ll be saving major Ringgit on your trip.

#4 The Savvy Navigator


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“Yup, it’s this way, guys. Confirmed! Follow me!”

If you’re looking for a GPS or Human Waze, you should probably get a buddy who is a Savvy Navigator. No matter where you’re travelling, a Savvy Navigator buddy can take you wherever you want. You would probably be able to climb through the forests or trail through the busy streets without getting lost. Well, maybe not that extreme, but they are sure to come in handy when you don’t have to worry about finding your way back to the hotel or attraction places because this travel buddy can lead you right back to where you wanted to be in the first place.

#5 The Selfie King/ Queen


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“Eh guys, wait, wait, wait…” *snap snap snap* “Okay done, already uploaded to my Insta Story. Later I’ll send the photos to the group ya…”

This travel buddy will create memories everywhere you go. They will take tons of selfies, wefies, and even if it’s just a toilet or a picture of something incredibly mundane, like a rock, grass or a lamp post… I’m sure you know what I mean. Armed with a selfie stick or action cam, the Selfie King may get on your nerves sometimes; but you’d be thanking them for all the spectacular photos they have snapped as they are the ones who’s going to help you relive your holiday moments through inspiring photos taken during the entire trip. After all, you might end up using one of their photos as your profile pic on Facebook or WhatsApp!

#6 The Carefree Joker


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“Aiya, chill lah bro! Hahahahahaha…”

Having a carefree joker as a travel companion can really help make your trip more unforgettable and pleasurable. Not only they will crack jokes randomly and make plenty of smart and funny remarks, but the carefree joker can also turn awkward and unpleasant situations into amusing experiences. No matter how devastating the situation is, the carefree joker won’t let the negative vibes ruin your vacation, and will probably come up with new diversion to ease up the tension and stress.


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So, do you have friends like this in your traveling group?

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