Tips for dressing up a stylish baby girl with Babydash

Are you a mama of a precious baby girl? Are you excited for this new and beautiful experience in your life? Well, whether you already are a proud mommy of a girl or you are a totally new mother, you will surely appreciate these amazingly helpful tips on how to dress up a stylish baby girl the easiest way, with fantastic baby girl clothes. The truth is that with so many options to choose from in the market, you can easily get frustrated. There is no need to worry! Dressing up your baby girl, doesn’t have to be a stressful thing, but a relaxing, happy and an enjoyable one. But how to make the right decisions, pick stylish baby clothes online and not spend a fortune?

There is a solution and it’s easier than you think; you’ll just have to choose wisely and pick up versatile baby clothes that can be used many times and with many ways. A great online place to consider is Babydash. You can find a great selection of baby girl dresses, newborn clothes and baby items in general, as well as toddler clothes and beautiful baby clothes on sale too!

So, here are the super useful tips to think of when you’re buying outfits for your little one and some styling advises that will make your life easier and save your precious time.

Dresses Dresses Dresses


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As a woman, you’ll know that super cute dresses like this, can instantly make your baby girl look girly, sweet and stylish without much effort from you. A dress in a monochrome color is the best option when you are in a hurry, but still want to dress your baby girl to impress. Additionally, you can change its look completely and make it look brand new, just by adding a belt, jacket or different colored shoes each time. Easy and quick; what else could you ask for as a busy mother?

Dress 1: Loulou Paris – Top and Bloomer ‘Ballerina’ Aqua Green | RM125.00

Dress 2: Loulou Paris – Yellow Dress ‘Little Bee’ | RM125.00

Dress 3: Loulou Paris – Indian Style Romper ‘Taj Mahal’ | RM115.00




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Okay, you already know that accessories make any outfit look different in an instant and make your little squirrel look even cuter. A lovely pair of socks, is stylish, easy to style with dresses and keep your girl warm. Another super smart choice, is hair accessories; a girl can never have enough, right? A hair band or hair clip is pretty and transforms any look in a well-dressed one.

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