Shop These 6 His and Her Watches for Valentine’s Day from Time Planet

They said, the best things comes in pairs. Instead of going with the cliché gifts, why not think outside of the box and give your loved one a gift that will wow them on Valentine’s Day, and every day – the stylish matching couple watch!

We also understand that couple watches are like twin dressing, and perhaps they may not always have the best rep. Some may find it too basic, others may find it too cheesy.


But the ones that have been picked out from Time Planet look good on their own, but look even better together!



From classy to vintage-inspired ones, here are 6 timepieces from Time Planet where you and your partner will love wearing every other day of the year, which makes every day a Valentine’s Day.

#1 Bilan O’Polo Couple Watches


Price: RM842.00 + 5% Loyalty Points (42.1 LP)42.1 E-Voucher

#2 Bonia Couple Watches


Price: RM936.00 + 5% Loyalty Points (46.8 LP) + 46.8 E-Voucher

#3 Bonia Tiamo & Eternita Couple Watches


Price: RM1,196.00 + 5% Loyalty Points (59.8 LP) + 59.8 E-Voucher

#4 Bilan O’Polo Couple Watches


Price: RM1,396.00 + 5% Loyalty Points (69.8 LP) + 69.8 E-Voucher

#5 Tissot Couple Watches


Price: RM1,800.00 + 5% Loyalty Points (90 LP) + 90 E-Voucher

#6 PROMOTIONAL OFFER: Bilan O’Polo Couple Watches


Price: RM398.00 + 5% Loyalty Points (19.9 LP) + 19.9 E-Voucher

So, what are you waiting for? Head right over to Time Planet and pick your favorite couple timekeeper to complete your amazing couple look.


It doesn’t have to stop at flowers. Think outside the box.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️️

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