Pamper Yourself with these 5 Healthy Skin Solutions from Hermo

They said, good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices can help to delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems.


If you don’t have time for intensive skin care, not to worry – we’ve got you covered. Get started by pampering yourself with these 5 healthy skin basics from Hermo.

#1 Clear Oil & Dirt with Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Clear Peeling Gel

These 7 in 1 effects of tendering x soothing x cleansing x moisturizing x whitening x massaging and unique lustering mask colloid from that can be converted to crumbles rubbed by eraser”, combined with tea leaves extract favorable abrasive particles and substantially upgraded cutin metabolism formula, will take away the package of dirt and cutin, making you enjoy cool and refreshing “micro-massage”. Additionally, it can cooperate with multiple moisturizing and repair factors to refresh tender, white and bright skin!


Price: RM35.00 + up to 2.45% LP

Additionally, it can cooperate with multiple moisturizing and repair factors to refresh tender, white and bright skin! Besides, the herbal compound essential oil containing tea tree, mint and lemon adds fresh cool flavor to your face, which can moisturize and restoring skin’s compact elasticity!

Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Clear Peeling Gel 3.jpg

[Instructions] After cleansing your face, dry the skin and apply an amount about the size of a cherry to your face, and then massage the facial skin. Once the cutin on surface of skin is converted to crumbles, rinse off gently with water.

#2 Clean & Tighten Pores with Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner


Price: RM59.90 + up to 2.45% LP

Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner is a 10-in-1 solution for deep cleansing, sebum control, pH4.5 care, promotes skin elasticity and moisturizing effects which is made of anti pore-dex complex and astringentlex for tightening up pores effectively. It effectively cleans the inside and outside of pores with its special peppermint extract. This Freshner also helps to balance pH levels, making skin soft and prevents skin troubles caused by pH imbalance. This product does not contain mineral oil, fragrance, coloring, talc, animal ingredients and silicone oil.


[Instructions] After cleansing your face, apply the freshner on a cosmetic cotton and wipe from inside to outside of the face. Gently pat to absorption. You can also apply using a mist whenever you feel the production of sebum.


#3 Reinforce Skin Vitality with CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Ampule


Price: RM96.28 + up to 2.45% LP

CNS Propolis Energy Ampule contains high concentration of propolis that helps to reinforce vitality of your skin. Propolis is well-known for its skin protection and healing efficacy. Besides, CNS Propolis Energy Ampule is a skin-friendly product containing pure essential oils and it is free of preservatives that might potentially irritate the skin.

Hermo_ CNP Laboratory energy ampule.jpg

[Instructions] After cleansing morning and night, following by toner, then apply a moderate amount of CNS Propolis Energy Ampule and massage gently, covering the entire face. You can also use it as a lip serum which is effective in nourishing your lips.

#4 Power Nutrients with It’s Skin Power 10 Formula 1


Price: RM25.00 + up to 2.45% LP

It’s Skin Power 10 Formula 1 is a skin-reviving serum that boosts cellular growth and hastens the cellular turnover process to improve texture and restore clarity. Anti-aging formula aids in the cellular repair process and increases skin’s energy level. Superbly hydrating formula is rapidly absorbed by skin, leaving it remarkably softer and smoother while prepping it for optimal reception to moisturizers.


[Instructions] Apply the product every night after cleansing and toner. Directly apply it on your face and pat palms on face until serum is fully absorbed.

#5 Hydrate & Uplift Skin with Sister Diary Pink Crystal + Collagen Uplifting Mask 8S

Sister Diary Pink Crystal + Collagen Uplifting Mask 8S contains diamond powder, antarctic sea glacial glycoprotein, fish skin collagen, mountain cherry extract, which are suitable for ladies to maintain their skin elasticity. It will make the skin feel smooth and firm, moisturize and improve skin brightness.


RM35.90 + 2.45% LP

[Instruction] After facial wash, apply clinic mask evenly all over the face. Then gently wrap the face with both hands to increase the absorption of the product. Rest comfortably for about 15 mins and remove the mask. Let the skin absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin.


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