New Year, New Look! Top 5 Trending Men Hairstyles with Art Coiffure!

Chinese New Year marks a new year, a new season and new everything, of course! Perhaps that includes a new hairstyle too! There are many of the cool, trendy men hairstyles of earlier years that will likely carry over to the new year. More specifically, you can expect lots of “short sides, long top” hairstyles with a combination of low or high fade hair on top.



Here are 5 really cool, popular and trendy hairstyles you should try out in 2017. Get your favorite hairstyle exclusively at Art Coiffure!

#1 Long Fringe

Long style is now in fashion! This style features longer top hair that may be left to fall over the forehead. You can apply gel to make the hair hold together.

#2 Spiked & Pointy Ends Style

Spiked hairstyle has been widely popular over the years, and the best part is, it isn’t restricted to a certain age range. This style gives a natural appearance without any trimmings. It is an ideal haircut that is embraced by men of all ages.

#3 Modern Front Brush

Styling mousses can also be used to lay the hair down flat instead of just sticking up. All you have to do is to comb all the hair to the front and use the product to flatten hair against the forehead. This look complements short sides and back as a contrast to the longer front, giving your quaff angle a more dramatic look.

#4 Curly Top

This wild, curled spike held by strong gel is among the new trending styles for men. It is easy, looks fun and quick to wear, making it one of the most fastest and affordable styles.

#5 Short Pomp

Short pomp is a celebrity hairstyle, featuring long top hair curled to one side. The sides are trimmed in a fading design, making the style more pronounced. This style gives a big star appearance alongside with a business casual looking fashion.



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