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Who said colors and prints are something you should avoid on your day to day life? Actually, colors, prints as well as the art of mixing and matching them, can be a little difficult at first, causing frustration and negative feelings; but there is no need to worry; after a few times trying it, you will eventually learn to master these outfits and find it as easy as combining simple, monochrome clothes.

However, the super fast way of living nowadays and the hundreds of responsibilities you may have in your daily routine, can make it even harder for you to spend a few extra minutes to figure out how to style complex clothes, patterns and bright colors. Truth is, most women prefer the simplicity of a monochrome blouse, pants or even skirts, just because they are afraid to experiment with different styles and make their look a bit more daring. But, once you put together a fashion outfit like that, you will immediately feel super stylish, powerful and for sure happier due to their fun character.


But then, how to easily learn to successfully combine these clothes, you’d ask? The secret is to have certain simple rules in mind, that will act as a quick guide every time you open your wardrobe. So, let’s jump on some helpful tips to consider, always with the help of Milktee; a great online place, featuring the latest fashion clothes, fashion outfits and perfect mix and match solutions for every fashionista!

The Simple Option

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Image Credits: milktee.nu

One of the easiest way to spice up a look in order to make a ‘quiet’ statement, is to pair stripes with stripes. The secret? If your top has horizontal stripes like this, pair it with trousers with vertical stripes like this. The final look will be fun and different than what you’re used to wear. Minimal accessories are a must. Also, have in mind to alternate the thickness of the stripes; mix and match thinner with thicker stripes for an eye-catching appearance.

Top: Five Stripes Sweater | RM59.90

Bottom: Black Slim Pants | 79.90

The Statement Piece

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Image Credits: milktee.nu

If you want to wear one piece that will be the star of the show like this, you have two options; whether to combine it with simple black pants and black shoes, or you can turn your look into a super fun one, by adding a pair of trousers featuring a color contained in your fancy top; a blue colored pair of trousers for example. All eyes will be on you!

Top: Blue Cropped Stripe Knit Sweater | RM59.90

Bottom: Black Strong Girl Culottes | RM69.90


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Image Credits: milktee.nu

Now, florals are beautiful; whether it’s a woman’s dress, trousers or blouses, they stand out in every way. However, they can be a little tricky most of the times. A great fresh approach, is to pair a floral top like this, with stripy shorts like this. The result? Feminine, fun and chic. Again, keeping the rest simple is the way to go.

Top: Watercolor Printed Leaf Top | RM79.90

Bottom: Navy Striped Shorts | RM59.90


There you are. Go ahead to find some mix and match that suits your style from Milktee and enjoy 4% Loyalty Points when you shop through a2a!

Have fun mixing and matching with Milktee! Remember to watch the below video to ensure you secure your Loyalty Points.


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