How to Pick the Best Mother’s Day Flowers from Wish Flowers


Just like fresh flowers, Moms are beautiful, lovely and can brighten up your day when you need it. If you’re not aware, Mother’s Day is around the corner, 14 May. Hmm, have you bought your mom a gift yet? Well, if you’re planning to give your mom a special bouquet on Mother’s Day, you should also take into consideration of the significance of each type of flower that best represents her.


However, with so many types of flower arrangements, blooming plants and other floral gifts to choose from, picking the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day can be a challenge for anyone. The good news is, we have come up with some ideas from Wish Flowers to help you choose the best Mother’s Day flowers that will surprise and delight any type of mom on her special day.

#1 Roses


The first point is, who doesn’t like roses? Thus, the key word for roses is ‘Classic’. In fact, roses have long been associated with motherhood, making them one of the most popular choices on Mother’s Day. Pink roses signify grace, elegance and appreciation, which is what every child should share with their mom. On the other hand, yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy. So, both colors are perfect to give to your mom. But if you want to let your mom know how close you two are, then get her a pink rose!

#2 Lily


Lily symbolizes joy and inspiration. If you have the type of mom that never missed anything, a multitasker and was always there to support you even when you fell flat on your face – Get her Lily, because it stands for enthusiasm, and a nurturing nature!

#3 Orchid


If you’d like your mom to know how beautiful she is, then get her an Orchid. This is because Orchid stands for refinement and delicate beauty! Generally, moms tend to be the type that sit back and are silent heroins. Every mom will love a bouquet of these exotic flowers for Mother’s Day.

#4 Carnations


Many believed that Carnations are a symbol of a mother’s eternal love. Pink carnations, as well as red and white ones, often are chosen as Mother’s Day bouquets.

#5 Tulips


Tulips are traditionally associated with new life, charity and spring. If you need to tell your mom that she has such a caring heart, then get her a bouquet of Pink Tulips because these gorgeous flowers will touch your mom’s heart while letting her know that she was always there for you. With their grace and beauty, these flowers are always a popular option for Mother’s Day.

#6 Sunflower


If you think your mom has done everything under the sun to make your life like heaven, get her a sunflower because the sunflower stands for adoration. Make sure she knows the reason why you bought the sunflower, because not everyone knows what a sunflower stands for!

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