How can I join as an a2a member?

You can join as an a2a member through a referral system, whereby once you have received a referral link from your friend, all you need to do is to fill in your particulars and create the membership.

Do I need to pay for the membership?

Yes, you need to pay RM31.80 lifetime membership fee to become a member.

What are the benefits of joining as an a2a member?

As an a2a member, you can:

  • Use the “a2a platform” for life
  • Earn Loyalty Points for free shopping/ free voucher redemption
  • Potentially earn 4-6 figures monthly uninterrupted auto-generated system income
  • Earn Donation Coins for charity purpose

Can I shop at a2a platform as a guest (non-member)?

Unfortunately you cannot. a2a Mall is an online shopping platform that is specially designed for a2a members in order for them to enjoy an array of privileges and benefits such as earning Loyalty Points to redeem FREE voucher or products, and building an uninterrupted auto-generated system income. Members can enjoy special offer from our Strategic Partners (Merchants) too.

Can I open multiple accounts?

Yes, you can, however each account requires you to enter a unique email address as an identity.

What should I do after joining a2a platform?

After joining the a2a platform, you should:

  • Sign in to your a2a account with your Username (Email Address) & Password (Last six (6) digits of your mobile number) and update your profile as follows:
  • Change your password
  • Update your E-PIN number
  • Update your address information
  • Update your bank information
  • Next, you can browse through our Online Tutorials for more in-depth understanding and start referring or inviting your friends to join.

Is a2a a scam?

If yes, this is the most ridiculous scam. Your lifetime membership for joining a2a is only RM31.80 (included 6% GST). RM1.80 is for the government tax, and the balanced RM30 is the rental payment for the server to store and maintain your network’s database for lifetime. In fact, the company is rewarding you with Loyalty Points and Donation Coins to help you develop your network to enjoy the lucrative System Income. When members have successfully built their database, the company will only then be making profits at the later stage, just like what Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat are doing. Moreover, the company is investing substantial capital at the initial stage to help members build a massive consumer database.

What should I do if my payment was not successful upon registration?

  • Go to www.a2a.network and sign in with your Username (Email) and Password (Default: Last 6 digits of your phone number)
  • You will be directed to a payment page where you can proceed to make the “Pending Membership Fee Payment”.

I can’t sign in to my account. What should I do?

If you’re having trouble when first signing in to your account upon successful payment, try these troubleshooting tips to help you regain your access.

Tip 1: Ensure that you enter the correct email address as per your registration process. Your default password is the last 6 digits of your phone number. If you are not sure whether you have entered the correct password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button to reset your password. You will receive an email notification on your new password information.

Tip 2: Make sure that ‘Caps Lock’ and ‘Num Lock’ buttons on your keyboard are off. This is due to the text sensitivity which could affect your account sign in process.

Tip 3: Clear your browser’s cookies and cache, or try using a different browser to sign in.

Please call the company if the problem persists:
Phone No.: +603 – 7931 9808
Office Hours: 10.00am – 7.00pm (Mondays to Fridays). Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

What should I do if my particulars were entered wrongly?

If you have entered the wrong particulars which you are unable to amend in your “Profile”, such as your name and email address, please drop us an email at admin@a2a.network and provide the supporting documents for us to rectify in the system.

Are my income and redemptions subjected to the Malaysian Government tax?

Yes, your income and redemptions are subjected to the Malaysian Government tax. It is the responsibility of members to declare all income generated (E-Cash) and fringe benefits (Loyalty Point Redemption) through a2a. However, members who are residing out of Malaysia are subjected to a withholding tax of 10% which is payable to the Malaysian Government. Thus, a2a will withhold 10% of the earnings made in order for members who are residing outside Malaysia to fulfill the withholding tax accordingly.


How can I earn Loyalty Points?

Here are 3 easy ways to earn the Loyalty Points:

a) Refer your friends to become a2a members:

  • You will earn 2 Loyalty Points for each friend you refer. You can share your unique referral link from a2a app
  • You will earn additional 2 Loyalty Points for every new referral or up to 10 levels within your network.

Click here to find out more about our latest campaign.

b) Shop Online at:

  • Major E-Shops (Lazada, Zalora, Kinokuniya, Ezbuy, etc).

Click here to shop now.

  • a2a Mall with more than 10,000,000 products and services.

Click here to shop now.

c) Shop Offline at a2a Affiliate Partner stores.

Click here to visit the stores now.

How do I utilize the Loyalty Points?

Loyalty Points can be used to exchange for cash.

There are 2 ways to use your Loyalty Points (LP):

a) When you have accumulated 320 LP, a2a will automatically deduct 320 LP and credit RM200 E-Cash into your E-Wallet at the end of the month.

Click here to learn more about Monthly LP Redemption.

b) When you have accumulated more than 3,000 LP, you can redeem your available LP after retaining 3,000 LP.

For example:

Your accumulated LP: 3,800 LP

Minus retaining LP*: (3,000 LP)

Exceeding LP: 800 LP

*For monthly auto-redemption  purposes

With the balance of 800 LP, you can redeem a maximum of RM400 E-Cash (320 LP x 2 = 640 LP)

Click here to learn more about Manual LP Redemption.

What is the association between Loyalty Points and monthly Profit Sharing?

Bonus Value (BV) is used to compute the monthly Profit Sharing entitlement. When you and your members’ begin to redeem RM200 or shop at a2a Mall with items that worth a minimum of 2 BVs every month, you and your members’ will be able to earn a Profit Sharing up to 10 levels of your network, where you can withdraw or transfer out as E-Cash. In other words, the BVs are generated through your LP redemption or purchases.

1 BV is worth RM4.00. This means that each time you maintain 2 BVs and any of your members within 10 levels of your network spend or redeem product/ voucher with 2 BVs or more, you will receive the profit sharing of at least RM8.00, or even more.

What is the purpose of retaining 3,000 LP?

The 3,000 LP will be kept aside for you to redeem RM200 between 9 to 12 months.

Can I transfer the Loyalty Points to other account?

No, you cannot do so. The Loyalty Points are not transferable to other accounts.

Will the Loyalty Points expire?

No, the Loyalty Points will not expire.


What is BV (Bonus Value)?

Bonus Value (BV) is a term for the system to calculate your monthly Profit Sharing Bonus. Each BV is equivalent to RM4.

What is Profit Sharing?

Profit Sharing is a bonus which you can earn when you and your members’ network redeem or purchase product/ vouchers using Loyalty Points (LP) that contains a minimum of 2 Bonus Value (BV). Thus, by maintaining 2 BV during that particular month, you and your members will be eligible to enjoy the Profit Sharing. The value of each BV is equivalent to RM4.00 (1 BV = RM4.00)

When will the Profit Sharing be calculated?

Total sales will be closed at the end of the calendar month, and it will be calculated on the first week of the following month. Once the process has been completed, the Profit Sharing (Bonus Value) will be credited into your E-Wallet as E-Cash.

What is E-Cash?

E-Cash is the amount of money that will be credited into your account and you can use it to purchase products from a2a mall or you can withdraw it into your bank account.

When can I perform the E-Cash withdrawal?

The Bonus Value or Profit Sharing calculations will be carried out on the first week of the subsequent month. The bonus will be credited to the E-Wallet account respectively for members who are qualified to receive it. In order to ensure the E-Cash can be paid to you on time, members can submit a request to withdraw the E-Cash on or before the cutoff date of  8th or 22nd day of the month. The company will then process the E-Cash withdrawal submission twice a month, on the 15th or on the last calendar day of the month. Should the 15th or the last calendar day of the month happens to fall on a Public Holiday, the process will be performed on the subsequent business day.

How do I perform the withdrawal?

You can perform the withdrawal by following the steps as below:

  • Sign in to your account through a2a.network website.
  • Fill in and update your banking particulars and e-Wallet Pin at “My Profile”
  • Sign in to your account either through your mobile app or a2a.network website
  • Click “Withdraw E-Cash”
  • Key in the e-Wallet Pin for security purpose
  • Enter the amount that you wish to withdraw
  • Key in any remarks if applicable
  • Click “Submit”

In order to protect the interest of our members, please take note that the Bank Account name must be the same as the member’s name for all E-Cash withdrawals. Due to security purposes, third party account withdrawal is not allowed.

Do I need to pay any transaction fee?


  • Local bank : There will be a RM2 bank transfer charges per transaction.
  • Oversea bank : Will be released soon
  • PayPal account : Will be released soon

Is there any minimum or maximum of withdrawal amount?

The minimum amount for withdrawal is RM50. There is no maximum amount for withdrawal.

Can I convert the E-Cash to Loyalty Points or Donation Coins?

You can convert the E-Cash to Donation Coins, but you cannot convert the E-Cash into Loyalty Points.

Can I transfer the E-Cash to other membership accounts?

For security purposes and to protect your interest, E-Cash is not transferrable to other membership accounts or bank accounts.


How do I obtain Donation Coins?

There are 2 ways you can obtain Donation Coins:

  • Register as an a2a member: You will earn 5 Donation Coins (1 Donation Coin = RM1) when you join as an a2a member.
  • Link-up friends as a2a member: You will earn additional 5 Donation Coins for every direct link-up.

How do I utilize the Donation Coin?

You can donate your coins for a charitable act. In order to build a caring culture of “a good deed a day”, you can donate 1 Coin (RM1) a day to any charity organization or needy family listed in the Donation List.

Where can I find the Donation List?

You can find the donation list at the a2a Mobile App. You would need to select the preferred charity organization or needy family and then click “DONATE”.

Click HERE to download the app now!

Will the Donation Coin expire?

No, it will not expire.

Can I transfer the Donation Coin into cash?

No, the Donation Coin is not transferable or refundable into cash.


What is E-Voucher?

E-Voucher is an electronic or digital discount voucher which has an electronically stored value in member’s E-Wallet that can be redeemed by the member for online shopping.

How do I obtain E-Vouchers?

Here’s 2 easy ways you can obtain and accumulate E-Vouchers (EV):

a) Register as a new member: Receive 300 EV

b) Shop at Offline Affiliate Partner stores: Collect 1 EV for every RM1 spent (i.e. RM1 = 1 EV)

How do I utilize the E-Vouchers?

You can use the E-Vouchers to redeem products that are available at the E-Voucher Redemption Catalogue. The value of each EV is equivalent to RM1 (1EV = RM1). All you need to do is to select your favorite redemption items and top it up with cash. You can also earn additional Loyalty Points too!

For example: Bio-Young Amino Acid Complex Plus

Original Price              : RM127.20

E-Voucher (44 EV)     : (RM44.00)

Discounted Price        : RM83.20 + 19 LP

Click here to browse the E-Voucher Redemption Catalogue.

Will the E-Vouchers expire?

No, it will not expire.

Can I transfer the E-Vouchers or convert them into cash?

No, the Voucher Points are non-transferable and not able to convert to cash.


What is M-Coupon?

M-Coupon is an electronic promotional or discount coupon that is delivered and stored in a2a app.

How do I utilize the M-Coupons?

You can use it to exchange for a financial discount, offer or rebate when purchasing a product or service at a2a Affiliate Partner stores. The M-Coupons are not exchangeable for cash.

Can I still collect Loyalty Points when utilizing M-Coupons?

It depends. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions stated in the M-Coupon.

What is the time allocation to utilize the M-Coupon?

Once you have redeemed the M-Coupon via a2a app, you will need to utilize it within two (2) hours.

Can I reuse the same M-Coupon for my future purchases?

No, you can’t. Once you have redeemed that M-Coupon, you will not be able to redeem the same M-coupon for future purchases. Each redemption is only valid for one (1) account.

Will the M-Coupons expire?

Yes, it does. Each M-Coupon comes with an offer validity period.