Experience a Japanese Themed Staycation in Selangor with Ryokan Chic Hotel

Planning a quick staycation? Love Japanese themed rooms? We’ve got you covered.


Introducing Ryokan Chic Hotel, which delivers a unique Japanese hospitality tuck within the heart of Petaling Jaya business hub. Damansara Utama houses an array of MNCs and local businesses; and is close in proximity to many schools, colleges and major shopping malls. It has the perfect location when you want to mix business with leisure. Moreover, it is only 15 mins drive away from the Kuala Lumpur city center.


The Origins of Ryokan Chic Hotel

This unique hotel was created by a group of people with a dream to redefine the real meaning of Japanese boutique accommodation. They have begun to create a chain of hotels and hostels under the Ryokan Chic Sleeps group, aiming to bring you your money’s worth without compromising on design, comfort, service and experience. Apart from their very reasonable room rates, you would be blown away beyond your expectations with the hotel’s unique interior personality and atmosphere.




How did Ryokan Chic Hotel get its brand name?

The word ‘Ryokan’ simply means ‘Japanese Inn’ and ‘chic’ means ‘elegant, stylish and fashionable’ – and that’s exactly what Ryokan Chic Hotel is all about. The origins of Ryokan dates to the Edo period, where Samurai would stay in a Ryokan to rest during their travels through the country, while the other travelers seek solace in the relaxing and calm environment which only a Ryokan could provide. Ryokans in Japan are typically known as an inn with refined minimalist design heavily influenced by the Japanese culture. Apart from offering a Ryokan, the hotel is also the height of designer chic.


The Uniqueness of Ryokan Chic Hotel

The founders of Ryokan Chic Hotel maintained the same notion but took it a step further. They take great pride in providing comfortable Japanese-style rooms with a top-notch design in order to ensure customers have a cozy and good experience.

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Ryokan Chic Hotel sets out to be the first hotel in the Ryokan Chic Sleeps chain of boutique hotels to accommodate 40 rooms across three stories. Not just that, they also designed four types of suites to suit various customers’ preference.


Besides, Ryokan Chic Hotel also offers friendly and well-trained staff that makes you feel right at home. Each suite in the hotel is specially designed to give you the best sleeping experience in a chic ambiance for a good night’s sleep. Now this is what ‘the perfect sleep away from home’ truly means.


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*All rates are 6% GST exclusive.
*All rates are inclusive of daily breakfast, complimentary WiFi, and complimentary all-day long Coffee & Tea in Chic Bits Café.

Address: 97-M, Jalan SS21/37,Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact Number: +603-7726 6260

Email: info@myryokan.com


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