CNY Food Hangover Reset Tips with D Clays Soul Beauty Wellness

Ladies, we feel you. Ugh, that heavy and bloated feeling after a full swing of intense Chinese New Year feasting on lou sang, nine course meal, steamboat, fish, prawns, roast duck, pineapple tarts (and the list goes on), you just feel like hitting the reset button when you realise that you can’t fit into your favourite pair of skinnies or high waist skirt anymore.


So, before you decide to bury all your troubles in a container of cookies and commit to a lifetime of wearing sweatpants, we have 4 CNY food hangover reset tips with D Clays Soul Beauty Wellness to help you get back your slim waist and flat belly like before. Ready? Let’s GO!

#1 Sweat. It. Out.

When your tummy is filled with a surplus of food, try to slot in some daily exercise to sweat it out. Find time to go for a run, a swim, a bike ride, or calm your stressed system with a yoga session to relax your stomach nerves. This will help to release all the toxins and give you an endorphin boost that will leave you feeling refreshed and brand new.

#2 Minimize Sugar Intake

After all those sweet desserts and snacks, it’s important to work on balancing the sugar levels in your body. Soft or carbonated drinks especially, should be avoided because all there is to it is just empty calories that will add significant amounts of unnecessary weight to your body.


So if you’re still craving for something sweet, reach for water, fruits or unsweetened tea instead of soda, which will help you to detox quickly. You can also try drinking hot detox tea that boost body cleansing properties and at the same time make the skin look better. This is also a good solution for people who often suffer from acne breakouts due to excessive eating and drinking.

#3 Get a Healthy Breakfast

Healthy breakfast in Malaysia? Are you kidding me? OMG, how could I resist those delicious local breakfast like nasi lemak with fried chicken, roti canai, maggi, fried kueh teow, curry puff, kuih, fried rice, teh Tarik, milo ais kaw, etc.

Even if you wake up feeling full and sluggish from all the yummy sinful delights of CNY, sit yourself down at the start of the day with a healthy well-balanced breakfast. Not only does it reboot your body by jump-starting your metabolism, but it also refreshes your body and improves your overall mood. Opt for some cereal, fruits, eggs or soy milk and try to eat clean for the next couple of days to restore balance.

#4 Get a full body beauty treatment from D Clays Soul Beauty Wellness


Along with your detox plan, choosing the best slimming products often boost and speed up the results. You can start with a month of complete body cleansing to burn off the fats  and carbohydrates with Detox, Body Slimming & Shapping Treatment and then proceed to preserve the skin’s youthfulness while protecting it against the harmful effects of pollution with Aromatherapy Facial.



D Clays Soul Beauty Wellness also provides other services such as make up, embroidery, breast and ovary care, and body waxing.



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