About a2a


We, as consumers, hope to enjoy two things every day: free shopping and great rewards. It was true when Michael Loo (Founder and CEO) started a2a Global Network in 2014, and it’s just as true today.

Michael was born and raised in a small village in Malaysia. He grew up in a poor family where it was an ongoing struggle to survive and make ends meet. Due to his brought up condition, it triggered his strong desire and determination to be successful in life.

As a result of his family background, he deeply felt the frustrations of many other underprivileged families who longed to have better chances at breaking the cycle of poverty. In order to help these people, Michael recognized the need to create something new – something revolutionary, unique and innovative in this century. Thus, he dedicated himself to build a life changing, online shopping platform that can help the deprived individuals and families to change their fate and transform their lives.


Two years back, Michael discovered that the arrival of the mobile Internet has created vast opportunities for the birth of revolutionary ideas and innovative business models, including the online shopping trend. Mobile Internet is by far the fastest-growing technology in this century, even to the extent of shifting our lifestyles and changing the way businesses are run.

The name, a2a, was inspired by the flexibility and freedom offered by this mobile Internet era. Hence, a2a business model simply stands for ‘anyone to anyone’, ‘anywhere to anywhere’ and ‘anything to anything’.

Anyone to Anyone: With a low entry of RM31.80, anyone can become an online entrepreneur.

Anywhere to Anywhere: A global consumers’ platform that is borderless and full of unlimited potential.

Anything to Anything: A holistic lifestyle, from consuming basic necessities, to shopping and leisure, and basically everything under the sun.

Apart from that, through Michael’s analysis on the business models of Alibaba, Facebook, Tencent QQ, AirBnB, Uber, WhatsApp, and so on, he came to realization that ‘speed’ and ‘mass’ have become the two most critical factors in contributing to the success of building a global consumer database. By successfully doing so, the income and earnings generated from the system are huge and rewarding.

Ultimately, consumers are the ones who would dictate the success or failure of these enterprises. Thus, the sustainability of businesses would very much be dependent on how fast they can build and develop a massive consumer database.


Right from the beginning, a2a sets out to be the world’s first Shoppers pay Shoppers online shopping platform – one that incorporates a hybrid platform, combining Loyalty Program, e-Commerce and Viral Marketing by embedding the power of multiplication into the system.

Moreover, a2a platform is designed to be easy, simple and extremely rewarding through the usage of mobile applications and the Internet. Through this platform, members can enjoy three major benefits for a lifetime:

1. Collect Loyalty Points when you shop at or through a2a mall or simply by referring friends to a2a platform. Each Loyalty Point is worth up to RM1.00,
2. Earn uninterrupted, auto-generated System Income while you and your friends are enjoying free shopping, through the mechanism which has been embedded in a2a platform, and
3. Perform daily donation to charity organizations through a2a platform, encouraging ‘a good deed a day’ as part of our lifestyle.

a2a platform also has the infinite potential for exponential global growth, consolidating resources and co-creating values by placing both consumers and merchants onto the same platform, whereby a2a members and partners can together build massive consumer database all around the world.

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