8 Signs Showing You Need New Glasses from Eye World Optical Centre

You already wear glasses, but you’re wondering whether you may be due for a new prescription. Eye World Optical Centre is helping eyeglass wearers to find their perfect match for years now. We understand that some people tend to get too attached to the eyeglasses they are wearing. While it is a good thing, it is not an excuse to delay your regular eye examinations. Well, whether you want a new eyeglasses frame, you should know when you need new lenses.


There might be side effects if you’re not wearing the right powered lenses. You won’t be able to perform daily activities properly and your vision might degrade faster than it should. As tough as it is to let go, there comes a time when it just has to be done.


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How then should you save yourself from all the trouble? Simple! Check out these 8 signs and get yourself a new pair of eyeglasses from Eye World Optical Centre. Trust us, it’s worth getting a regular check up to keep abreast of new lens options that may improve your vision or increase your comfort for a long term.


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Sign 1: Frequent Headaches


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Headaches can have a lot of causes, from allergies to stress. But don’t be too quick to write them off to other causes. Typically, people fail to associate their constant headache to one of the most common reasons i.e. Changed eye vision. If you are having frequent headaches, the problem could be because your eyeglass prescription is outdated and you need to seek eyeglasses care for an updated prescription. You may be surprised to learn about just how much relief new glasses can give you from your headaches! Besides, parents should also be especially vigilant in case of kids complaining about recurring headaches.

Sign 2: Squinting


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Well, you may not even realize you are doing it at first, but your eyes and head start to hurt while you are using a computer and you’d soon realize it’s because you have been squinting at the screen. Generally, people who cannot see clearly tend to squint a lot. Squint is a natural way to improve the focus and clarity, but it does more harm in the long term. By squinting, you are putting excessive strain on the eye, making your vision problem even worse. If you find yourself squinting a lot while reading or using computer, your eye isn’t straightening out the light entering it. A better glasses prescription and new lenses can correct that problem.

Sign 3: Blurry Vision


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When everything looks blurry, it’s a sign that your eyes need attention. Blurred vision can refer to a sudden and occasional blur of vision and loss of focus, and that can happen to one or both the eyes. Eye glasses care includes managing blurry vision and keeping up with current prescriptions for corrective vision. If you’re frequently experiencing blurry vision, it’s a sign that you may need an updated prescription for new glasses. Don’t just suffer with unclear vision or resign yourself too seeing poorly, because the problem may be very easily fixable.

Sign 4: Loss of Clarity


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It would be good if you could try to keep a tab on how clear your vision was when you started using your current glasses, and see if things aren’t that clear anymore. If you are unable to read distant objects such as billboards, or close objects such as text in books, from the distance you are used to, it means you’re experiencing a change in vision. This is a serious sign that your vision needs attention.

Sign 5: Tired and Strained Eyes


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Deterioration in your vision doesn’t only make your brain tired, it also takes a toll on your eyes. If your eyes start to feel strained or fatigued, it could be caused by a variety of factors, such as how much sleep you are getting, seasonal allergies, sickness, and focusing on one object (like a book) for too long. But these factors should only cause temporary, occasional strain; and if your eyes feel strained or start to hurt for more than a day or two, there could be a bigger problem—such as changes in your vision. Besides trying on eye mask, a new glasses prescription should alleviate the strain.

Sign 6: Poor Night Vision


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Many people have problems with poor night vision, especially as they age. But you don’t have to chalk it up to just a normal problem with aging. Eye glasses care can help to relief problems with night vision and enable you to do all your normal activities at night, such as driving.

Sign 7: Want a Fresh Look


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Eyeglass care isn’t just about helping you see better, it can be about helping you look better, too. Eyeglasses are a fashion accessory just as much as they are an important piece of small medical equipment. When it comes to glasses, technology and fashion goes hand-in-hand. Newly developed manufacturing techniques and materials are constantly changing fashion. Even when your prescription doesn’t change, getting new glasses can help you to update your look easily and quickly to match the latest trends. You can even get multiple pairs to match different outfits!

Sign 8: You’ve Had the Same Glasses for Years


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Eyes typically get worse as time goes on. If you’ve had the same glasses on for years, you are likely ready for a new prescription. It is recommended that everyone get a comprehensive eye exam every year. Even if your glasses seem to be working fine, your prescription may need adjustments that only a complete eye exam can reveal. Check the calendar, and then check your eyes at Eye World Optical Centre.

If you are experiencing any of these 8 signs, we strongly recommend you to get a new eye glasses prescription from Eye World Optical Centre.


We had the honor to interview Eye World Optical Centre‘s founder, Mr Michael Wong Chung Ung. Briefly, Eye World Optical Centre was founded and established by Mr Michael Wong Chung Ung in Bintulu. The first branch was opened in 2007 at Parkcity and the second branch in February 2016 at Commerce Square. The Optician career for Mr Michael started in 2000 when he received a scholarship from England Optical to further his degree studies in Optician while he worked part time in England Optical, Kuala Lumpur. Upon graduation, there were three companies who wanted to offer him a job, but he chose to listen to his father’s advice to start up his own optical business in Bintulu.


With 17 years of experience being an optical practitioner, Mr Michael believes in providing customers with professional eye care services in a comfortable and friendly environment. His specialization includes comprehensive eye examinations, verify and fit eyeglass lenses and frames, contact lens fitting, and offer a variety of original, reliable and branded eyewear.

Moreover, Eye World Optical Centre also offers complimentary services such as computerized eye test, spectacle adjustment and minor repair, eye care consultation, ultrasonic cleansing for spectacles, chains and rings, UV radiation lenses testing and blockage level. Apart from that, Mr Michael is a member of the Eye Association of Sarawak. He believes in being updated on the current development of eye and vision care to deliver superior service to customers.

With changed power comes new glasses, and with Eye World Optical Centre’s ever-expanding collection, you can find a frame even better than your currently loved one, and we bet you’re gonna love the new look! Don’t forget to check out the types of lenses too.


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