8 Creative DIY Ways to Refashion Your Clothes with Themeberry

Calling all fashion lovers! Are you having too many ill fitting shirts sitting in your closet and taking up the space you could be using for clothing that you actually wear? We have good news! Here’s 8 creative DIY ways to transform your tops into fantastic new pieces that you’ll be proud to wear out in public! Read on for mind-blowing ideas. You could even drop by Themeberry and get more favorite tops!

#1 Spagetti Strapped Tank Top


Go ahead and transform your t-shirt into something totally different with this incredibly easy refashion idea. These simple DIY tanks are great for the gym, the beach, home wear or just bumming around town. Click here to check out how it’s done.

#2 Strapless Dress


This strapless dress has a relaxed vibe and surprisingly easy to refashion! Unlike the rest of the designs, this one does not involve any sewing or cutting! Try it out on your oversized t-shirt today!

#3 Racer Back Tank Top


If you have got a T-shirt belonging to your man, brother or father that you absolutely love but find oversized for yourself, then you can cut it into a tank top and make an adorable attire that’s ready for you to wear. There’s simply no sewing required, all you need to do is grab your favorite big t-shirt and a pair of scissors. Let’s get started! Click here to check out how it’s done.

#4 Bandana or Scarf Top


This bandana or scarf top is simple, light and airy. Perfect for summer or hot weather. Click here to check out how it’s done.

#5 Side-Tie T-Shirt Remix



This is a tank top with sides slit open and little bows holding them together at the bottom. These are super cute designs and you’ll only need a pair of scissors to complete it. Click here to check out how it’s done.

#6 Side-Tie T-Shirt Remix



What a beautiful fringe crop top that is extremely fashionable and easy to do too! Click here to check out how it’s done.

#7 Tied Halter Top


Looking for a halter top? Here’s a cool one that you can make in minutes out of a t-shirt without any sewing. Get your scissors ready and click here to check out how it’s done.

#8 One Shoulder Top


This is a simple yet sexy shirt easily made by cutting and tying big T-Shirts. All you need is a ruler and scissors to get started. Click here to check out how it’s done.

All images are taken from pinterest.com unless otherwise stated.



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