6 Online Fashion Boutiques Every Woman Should Know!

If you want to shop for clothes online but don’t know which is a good site, well look no further, because we have the 6 best online fashion boutiques every woman should take note of. If you have not bookmarked these awesome sites, perhaps it’s time to do so!

ZALORA Malaysia is one of the largest and fastest growing fashion online boutique. Founded in 2012, ZALORA offers an extensive collection of over 500 brands and designers worldwide. Shopping at ZALORA made us realize that the olden days of trawling through endless malls and stores to find that perfect fashion item have long gone. Whether you are searching for apparel, footwear, accessories or beauty products, ZALORA brings you a huge collection of brands from which you can choose and buy from the very best and latest.

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Doublewoot apparels exudes luxury with its high quality trendy designs but comes with an affordable price and is seen on many Malaysian celebrities/artists such as Belinda Chee, Daphne Iking, Elaine Daly, Chelsia Ng, Hannah Tan and Carey Ng, and so much more. Doublewoot’s collection is offered in various sizes and our designs are mostly modest, demure, and chic catering for the strong, confident women around the world.

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Kei Mag addresses fashion & trend conscious consumers of young ages through few distinct product lines: dresses, rompers and accessories. Each of Kei Mag’s lines represents a particular trend philosophy and encompasses a comprehensive range of products that fit into our targeted consumer’s universe.

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Grab the latest women fashion accessories right from clothing, shoes, bags all under one roof at Lazada Malaysia.

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F.O.S. is an established clothing retail chain and value fashion in South East Asia that specializes in affordable quality apparel. F.O.S. offers a wide range of clothing and accessories, including graphic tees, polo tees, shirts, denim, bottoms, accessories, basic wear, footwear, and more are made available at an affordable price at F.O.S. Customers can find almost all their apparel needs, from top to toe, for the entire family!

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Milktee started out as an online store specializing in ready-to-wear tees. We have since expanded our range of clothing from indie tees to a more refined and polished apparel. We like styles that aren’t complicated, and imagined having all this favorite pieces and things that we would like to live in all day. And we decided to make them ourselves, well-crafted and great fitting clothes. At Milktee, we believe in good designs and the value of simplicity. We just want to do one thing really well – Make Good Outfits. Our focus on product and service quality is paramount and we pride ourselves on that.

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