6 Must-Have Rivecowe Beauty Products from Micca Marketing

Have you heard of the brand “Rivecowe“? The name was inspired from the merge of ‘Lovely Skin’ (Rive) and ‘Cosmetic Wellness’ (Cowe) in Korean. Rivecowe is one of the top Korean brands for skin care and make up with innovative herbs and nutrients that are perfect for all skin types.



All the Rivecowe cream comes with a fresh fragrance with the combination of 8 special herbs, such as Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Mint Borage, Sage, Jasmine and Chamomile. Let us share with you the 6 must-have Rivecowe beauty products from Micca Marketing!

1. Rivecowe AA (All Day All Right) Cream



Rivecowe All Day All Right (AA) cream got its unique name “All Day and All Right” as you the cream can be used throughout the day and night. You can use it on your entire body that you wish to give whitening effects to. Rivecowe AA cream does not feel sticky at all. It can easily blend into the skin, brightens and makes the skin feel smooth.

Interested? Get it here >> Rivecowe AA creamRM95.00 + 2.2 LP


2. Rivecowe Moisture BB Cream


Rivecowe Moisture BB Cream comes with a triple action formula of whitening, wrinkle diminishing and sunblock SPF30 PA++ for a beautiful and soft skin all day long. It helps to correct the skin tone and increases the skin vitality.

Interested? Get it here >> Rivecowe Moisture BB CreamRM76.00 + 1.7 LP

2Moisture BB(E).jpg

3. Rivecowe CC Cream


For those with tanner or darker skin, Rivecowe Correction Convenient (CC) cream is for you! This pink tube is packed with amazing benefits such as Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle and SPF32. This cream is not only suitable for make up, but it includes overall skincare function too. It is suitable for use in humid weather like Malaysia, controls sebum and doesn’t clog the pores, and its especially important for those who does a lot of outdoor workout or activities. Rivecowe CC cream produces instant radiant effect and conceals blemishes well. It acts as a concealer too.

Interested? Get it here >> Rivecowe CC cream RM76.00 + 1.7 LP

IMG_9460 copy.jpg


4. Rivecowe DD Cushion



Rivecowe Dust Defense (DD) Cushion is a reassuring base makeup cushion that blocks environmentally damaging substances and its high in moisturization! It has a natural cover capability and evens a moist skin complex.

Interested? Get it here >> Rivecowe DD Cushion RM108.00 + 2.5 LP


4DDCushion(E) - Copy.jpg

5. Rivecowe CC Pact



Rivecowe Convenient Compact (CC) Pact helps to brighten the skin with a strong sebum absorption powder. Using this pact is the final step to set the flawless face with its superfine and completely sheer powder formula. Rivecowe CC Pact can easily and quickly make the skin soft by removing oily and drab skin. This pact will also help the pores to breathe and you would not feel any skin irritation.

Interested? Get it here >> Rivecowe CC Pact RM68.00 + 1.5 LP

6. Rivecowe Liquid Eyeliner


Rivecowe Liquid Eyeliner is a flexible black liquid pen eyeliner that speeds up your eye makeup process by creating natural and clear eyes. You don’t need to worry about smearing from water, sweat or sebum too.

Interested? Get it here >> Rivecowe Liquid Eyeline RM36.00 + 0.8 LP

All images are taken from rivecowe.com unless otherwise stated.

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