5 Tips on Choosing the Right Bags that will Flatter your Figure from Glampot

Although most ladies look out for trendy bags when trying to buy handbags online with the mindset that it would accentuate their style and make them look trendy. This is not supposed to be so as professional stylists have placed emphasis on bags going along with the body figure. Of course, we have high quality bags ranging from clutch bags to handbags to tote bags on Glampot, but we want you to know how to go about it when shopping for these bags.

To begin with, you’ll have to understand your body type. This requires a great deal of trustworthiness and an extremely receptive outlook. You must acknowledge the imperfections in your figure if you are to pick designer handbags that suit you. The thought is to attract attention to the best parts of your body, well far from those defects that you can’t cover up.


Therefore, do set aside the opportunity to evaluate your size, body shape and general look, as sincerely as could be expected under the circumstances. Deceiving yourself won’t help. If anything, you’ll just wind up looking absurd, or if nothing else, oddly disproportionate. With the end goal for you to achieve that flawless match, you’ll have to realize what your body contour is.

Whenever you shop on Glampot for ladies’ bags, here are 5 tips on getting the right bags and body sort matching that you can utilize.

Tip #1: Petite and Short Casings


In case you’re a petite, short-encircled lady, the best bags to utilize are those long and slender bags to give your edge more tallness. There are basic ladies bags that can run consummate with easygoing clothing types and the more formal search for formal events. Avoid massive tote bags or tremendous shoulder bags that will make you look significantly shorter and will conceal practically the whole mid-section of your body.

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Tip #2: Tall and Lean Edges


This goes the direct inverse. In case you’re a tall and slim lady, you should add more width to your edge with elegant totes or vast women handbags. This time, keep away from the long bags that will make you look considerably slenderer. Besides that, you can likewise add more profundity to your casing by picking lopsidedly shaped bags or bags that are not the routine square or rectangle frames. There are presently a lot of these sorts of bags sold on Glampot in various materials that will most likely combine extraordinarily with any outfit.

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Tip #3: Wide Midsections


If you have bigger midriffs or bottoms, the ideal bag sort for your body shape are bags that are sufficiently right just beneath the arm. The explanation behind this is because bags can attract attention to the body part where it is nearest to. So in the event that you need to keep all that attention far from these bigger parts, then go for bags that won’t end close to your midriff.

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Tip #4: Substantial casings


On the off chance that you have substantial bone structures, the bags to avoid are the small female handbags that will make you look considerably bigger. A decent decision to supplement your size is to pick more custom-made ladies bags that are medium to vast in size. What’s more, for grips, it’s best that you pick the curiously large ones too.

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Tip #5: Wide Shoulders and Huge Bust


If you have this sort of body shape, avoid bags that end in your upper middle ranges, for example, the shorter strapped bear bags. This is because it can attract attention to your bust and make them look much bigger. Rather, pick bags that end in your midriff or in your lower middle zones.

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Not every handbag is ideal for every woman. Follow these tips to find the ideal handbag that will flatter your figure.

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