5 Reasons to Shop Online at ezbuy.my

Calling all online shoppers! Have you ever heard of ezbuy.my, which resembles Taobao? If you haven’t, no worries. Read on and you’ll discover why we love to shop online at ezbuy.my.


Basically, ezbuy.my is a convenient and hassle-free online platform for you to shop. There are a wide range of products at ezbuy.my where shoppers can grab, such as clothing, fashion accessories, beauty products, toys, home appliances, electronic items, sportswear, office stationeries, etc.


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#1 You don’t have to read or understand Chinese

If you have used Taobao, the largest China online shopping platform, the default language is Chinese. This means that shoppers must be able to read or understand Chinese to register account and buy items on Taobao. Although Taobao is powered by Google Translate, but not everything in the website could be translated accurately.

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In contrast, ezbuy.my is a Malaysia-based website where you can select your preferred language – English, Malay or Chinese. This makes buying with ezbuy.my as easy as ABC, and it is awesome for people who do not understand Chinese to use ezbuy.my! 👍

#2 Hassle free to register your account


You can register for ezbuy.my account by using your Facebook account or Google+ link. Otherwise, you can always register with your email address and set a password. With just a few simple steps, you can start your online shopping at ezbuy.my within minutes! Isn’t it convenient?

#3 Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

Yes, the items offered on ezbuy.my are way cheaper than what we see at retail stores. Of course, not all the items are cheap, but most of them are.

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Simply browse through ezbuy.my categories and you’ll realize you could buy almost everything for your home (except food), and you could really save a lot of money too! 😍

#4 Experience Better Customer Service & After Sales Support

Sometimes you might face complications when you’re buying items from Taobao especially when it comes to contacting their customer service – this is because there isn’t any customer service that you can contact in Malaysia and most of the sellers only communicates in Chinese. It might be difficult for you to talk to them if you do not know Chinese. You may also be required to deal with different people for different situations, such as shipment arrangement, product specifications, damaged or delayed parcels, refund procedures, etc. Hence, it might take a while to resolve your problem.


On the other hand, you’ll only need to contact one local customer service department at ezbuy.my to resolve all your queries and difficulties, including missing or damaged parcels, defect items or wrong orders. You can even choose your preferred delivery option, such as flexible pick-up or courier service. They also provide a hotline contact, live chat and main office address! Besides, ezbuy.my customer service team are able to assist you to contact the sellers directly and clear any doubt you have.

#5 Join Prime and enjoy RM8.80 unlimited shipping


Ezbuy Prime is a subscribed membership programme which allows you to ship everything from overseas to your doorstep with unlimited parcel weight and size at only RM8.80 nett. You can subscribe to a monthly plan at RM18.80 or a yearly plan at RM188.00.


This means that there is no limit to the number of items you buy at one time from the Prime catalogue section.

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Now, would you please excuse us as we’re going for our shopping spree at ezbuy.my!

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