5 Hidden Benefits of Gaming with SP Team Network

Did you know you could benefit from playing computer games? Although computer games have been a highly debatable topic over the last decade, but some research have shown that computers games can contribute to a variety of positive effects on gamer of all ages.


Playing computer games requires high level of thinking and hand-eye coordination skills. Not only gaming exercises these skills, but it gives your brain a workout. Besides, research have also shown the gaming can reduce stress, improve moods and balance up the left and right brain activity, leaving the individual more energized and less depressed. Let’s discover some of the positive impact of gaming with SP Team Network!



➡️️ Benefit 1: Enhancement of Basic Visual Processes


Playing action games for 30-mins a day can help to improve one’s visual contrast sensitivity. Many gaming requires visual attention and stereoscopic vision, which is the ability to coordinate input from the two eyes to see depth. Besides, gaming can also assist to train the brain to process the existing visual information more efficiently, including eye-correction techniques since gaming may teach the visual cortex to make better use of the information it receives.

➡️️ Benefit 2: Acts as a Social Interaction Tool


Gaming can actually decrease anti-social behavior and build social skills among individuals. Gamers reap social benefits when they play computer games together as they are often strategizing, managing complex tasks and forming bonds among teams.

➡️️ Benefit 3: Improves Attention & Vigilance


Research discovered that action gaming has improved performance on the ability to locate and quickly target stimulus in a field of distractors, which ends up to be a good predictor of driving ability. It also improves one’s ability to keep track of a set of moving objects that appear to be visually identical to other moving objects in the visual field. Moreover, a study surprisingly showed that playing computer games improved dyslexic children’s scores on reading and phonology tests!

➡️️ Benefit 4: Develop an Ability to Strategize and Multitask


Whether the game is action/adventure (Batman Arkham Series), fighting (Mortal Kombat), platform (Super Mario), puzzle (Tetris), racing (Forza Motorsport), real-time strategy (StarCraft), role-playing (Dragon Age), shooter (Titanfall), turn base (Final Fantasy), or something else, there is always a strategy involved. Gamers will need to plan for a long term goal which includes multitasking skills when unexpected surprises take place (new enemies arriving). Gamers also alters their strategy to address the immediate problem while keeping their focus on the long term goal. This promotes an ability to quickly adapt and prepare for unexpected challenges – which is similar to real life.

➡️️ Benefit 5: Encourages Cognitive Function & Health


The dramatic increase in computer games have resulted a significant effect on the brain and behavior, especially games that are designed with the explicit goal of enhancing cognitive abilities. It requires the gamer to make rapid and accurate decisions which have particular positive cognitive impacts.


Although there are common fears about computer games such as addictive, promoting social isolation, wastage of time, violence, etc, however this post suggests that finding a balance is the key to leverage on the positive effects of gaming. Gaming, when used wisely, can be a powerful tool for engaging people and creating immersive learning environments to deliver a specific learning goal. Concerned parents should monitor your teen’s gaming behavior and decide the types of games that are acceptable for your teenager’s maturing. Explain to your teenager the reason if a game might not be appropriate for them.


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