5 Eyeglasses Trends: What to Wear from Bangsar Optometry

When it comes to eyeglasses or eye wear, we’re witnessing one of the best fashion and utility combos ever. Most people these days need glasses to function better. Are you one of them? :p

Well, eye wear has come a long way from being just that – glasses we use to see better. They’re fashion, they’re polished, they’re cool, they’re funky, and they come in so many designs to match each and everyone’s personal style. It’s fantastic!!!


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We find that shopping for a pair of great spectacles these days is a lot of fun. So, if you’re looking for some stylish frames to go with new office outfits, or a pair of great sunglasses to style in your outfits, we’ve got you covered. Having said that, what other perfect time to get yourself a new pair of cool glasses that are in the latest eye wear trends than the new year season?

Keep reading and discover what are the most popular glasses trends this season!

Trend #1: Tortoise Shell/ Horn Rimmed Glasses


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A huge vintage and hipster revival is taking place right now, and you seriously can’t miss out on it. Yes, we’re talking about the timeless tortoise shell/ horn rimmed glasses!


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With their classic mottled yellow, honey, brown and black tinged look, these beautiful frames are back in full force. Get your hands on the best tortoise fashion styles for your own eye wear wardrobe!

Trend #2: Black Rimmed Glasses


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Wherever you go, you’ll probably see more people wearing glasses with black rims than any other type of glasses. Black rim glasses have been around for a long time and they have been popular with men and women of every generation. Black frame glasses are a bold statement that will definitely draw attention to your face, emphasizing your best features with a pair of statement glasses in a dark color.


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Styles come and go; some achieve great popularity and then fade into oblivion; others do not even make a ripple. But black rimmed glasses will always be in style because they are classic, light weight and it goes well with any type of complexion. The black rims geek chic look is here to stay!

Trend #3: Clubmaster Browline Glasses


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Slim and elegant, the clubmaster browline glasses are a power accessory for your professional life. Available for both men and women, semi-rimless frames are both fashionable and practical.


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These stylish and cool frames are a hybrid between two styles: browline eyeglasses and round eyeglasses, or also known as the hybrid frame. These glasses are created from rectangular specs and a heavy brow line combined with the semi-rimless silhouette. They are suited for both men and women and we recommend that you wear them in a study or business environment.


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Trend #4: Oversized Glasses


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One of the essential eyewear trends, oversized glasses are making a strong comeback and it even seems like they are set to dominate the years to come. Oversized eyeglasses look good on both men and women.


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Trend #5: Round Glasses


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Round eyeglasses frames are a great pick for men and women who want a look change. Their retro silhouette guarantees that you will not go unnoticed.


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Round frames are beautiful and simple. They are a symbol of free spirits and best suited for creative people. For a more professional approach, you can go with metal round eyeglasses.

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With these trends, now you can change your look and express your personality with stylish glasses that reflect who you really are. Grab this opportunity to go for a style change!


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  1. I like the tortoise shell trend you mentioned. I think it’s a very classy looking alternative to regular colors. It also looks good if you like wearing brown; I have a brown leather jacket that those glasses would look great with.

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