4 Ways To Pick Your Ong-some Cheongsam from Emerald Brilliant Cheong Sam Boutique

Calling all ladies in da house! Whether you are planning to walk down the aisle, getting ready for CNY festival or even for occasional dinners, head right over to get your favorite Qipao or Cheongsam from Emerald Brilliant Cheong Sam Boutique at SS2, Petaling Jaya and earn 5% LP!


Okay, we all know what is a Cheongsam. But perhaps some of you are like me, curious to find out about the background of the Cheongsam. Well, let’s briefly discover it together!


*** THE NAME ***

In Northern China, like Beijing, the term “Qipao” is popular among the local citizens. However, in Southern regions, the Qipao is also known as “Cheongsam”, which literally means “long dress” from the dialect of China’s Guangdong Province (Cantonese).


*** THE DRESS ***

The Cheongsam or Qipao is a unique, timeless and elegant dress originated from the Manchu female clothes. Over time, it evolved by merging with western patterns that shows off the beauty of a female body/ figure.


*** THE STYLE ***

The high-necked, closed-collar Cheongsam, with a loose chest, fitting waist, and the attractive slits, is one of the most versatile costumes in the world. It can be long or short, some with full, medium, short or even no sleeves at all – to suit different occasions, weather and individual tastes.



The Cheongsam can display all women’s modesty, softness and beauty. Because of its particular charm, the Cheongsam resembles a beautiful flower in a colorful fashion style. This traditional dress creates an impression of simple and quiet charm.


So, you might be wondering, how do you pick your ideal Cheongsam? Here are 4 guidelines exclusively for you!

— High Stand Up Collar —


Image Credits: blog.elegente.com

A stand-up collar is a distinctive feature of the classic Cheongsam. Although many modernized Cheongsam are collarless, but it’s wiser to choose one with the traditional collar. A shapely high collar can make your neck look longer and thinner. That will definitely lead people to consider you quite a few pounds lighter than you really are.

— Seamless Trimming —


Image Credits: aliexpress.com

Satin trims can glamorize any simple Cheongsam, but only when the stitches on them don’t show. That’s why high-end Cheongsam are all trimmed by hand. Only hand trimming can disguise all the stitches. If the trimming is done by machine, you will definitely see the stitches on the inner side. That’s not a big problem, but if you see your Cheongsam as a piece of art, then you should look at the inner side in order to find seamless hand trimming. Skillful hand trimming can ensure the smoothness of the trims and give you a perky look, which will help you appear a little skinnier, too!

— Handmade Frog Buttons —


Image Credits: pinterest.com

While many modernized Cheongsam go without frog buttons, the traditional buttons are nice to have, because they add an artistic appeal to the dress. Just because frog buttons are attention grabbing, they should not show stitches or broken thread. A poorly made frog button will make a Cheongsam look cheap. So, if you like frog buttons on your Mandarin dress, take a close look to make sure they appear seamless and firmly fixated.

— Smooth Pattern Combination —


Image Credits: blog.elegente.com

Many Cheongsam are made of fabrics with printed flowers or plaid, so combining printed panels requires attention. Let’s keep in mind that a dress usually consists of a front panel, a back panel, and two side panels. If all these panels are printed, they should be combined in a way that the print looks consistent. Cheap printed dresses often display broken printed patterns. You can rest assured that printed panels are always carefully combined in Elegente dresses.

Introducing: Emerald Brilliant Cheong Sam Boutique


Since 1973, Emerald Brilliant Cheong Sam Boutique has a long history in garment manufacturing with over 40 years of experience. The company also specializes on exquisite oriental clothing, nightgowns, Chinese fashion, suits, exquisite Malay fashion and all kind of uniforms.


All the outfits are personally created by our professional designers who won the PIED 2001 Creative Awards. The business covers throughout Malaysia and overseas as well with competitive priced designs or creations that can be delivered throughout Malaysia or other countries. Not only that, Emerald Brilliant Cheong Sam Boutique also trades with both wholesale and retail customers.


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Contact Number: +603-7876 5072

Business Hours: 9.00am – 7.00pm (Monday – Saturday), 10.00am – 6.00pm (Sunday)


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