4 Tips to Stay Awake After Lunch with DahMakan


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Yaaawnn!! If you find yourself dozing off after lunch, chances are, your body is struggling to digest the meal you’ve just consumed. It’s tough to avoid the inevitable food coma after lunch hour. You just can’t seem to focus on anything, and all you want to do is to slump into your chair and zone out.



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Well, you can try drinking coffee, but that’s only gonna be a quick fix. Eventually, the caffeine will make you anxious, agitated and fatigue.

Are you already feeling sleepy just by reading this?



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Wait! Before you doze off, let’s shed some light on how the food we eat at lunch could play a massive role in how we feel after eating them. Scientifically, it’s all about how the Glycemic Index (GI) affects your mood, such as sleepiness.

Basically, the GI tells you how fast a food which contains carbs will enter your bloodstream and raise your blood glucose consumption as compared to pure sugar.



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As a rule of thumb, the lower the food’s GI, the less it will affect your blood sugar levels. But when you eat food with high GI, you’ll experience a sudden spike in your blood sugar levels which causes your pancreas to release insulin. This effect would trigger tryptophan which gets converted into serotonin in your brain, and serotonin makes you feel drowsy.

So, now you know the science behind it. We believe it’s important to pay attention to what you’re eating because your efficiency would suffer if you take your food for granted.


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To get over your lunch-related drowsiness, here’s 4 tips to stop the afternoon sleepiness and help you to stay awake and productive with DahMakan.


Eating a heavy meal during lunch time causes your brain to slow down as your body got to work harder to digest the food you ate. To digest a large amount of food properly, your body increases the blood flow to your stomach, resulting in less oxygen reaching your brain during the digestion process. This causes a natural reaction for your drowsiness due to the excess calories in your body.

Eat this instead: A low-carb, high-protein combination that suits your palate.


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Recommended Dish: Grilled Perch with Barley Salad with Rocket, Cherry Tomatoes and French Bean

You could try this this totally delish grilled perch and veggies from DahMakan. This perfect combo of grilled perch & barley studded herb barley with vegetables is totally indulgent! Only 580kcal!


When it comes to lunch, we often resort to ordering fast food lunches. Basically, fast food is junk food. They contain high processed and enormous amounts of carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, added sugar, salt, preservatives and flavor enhancers. It’s quick, tasty and convenient, unfortunately it fills you up with empty calories and no nutrient.

Furthermore, the saturated and trans fats in fast food diverts the blood and oxygen from your brain and muscles to your digestive system, causing you to feel drowsy and fall into fatigue.

Eat this instead: Whole-grain, baked or broiled instead of fried.


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Recommended Dish: Honey Lime Grilled Chicken Breast with Toasted Mushroom Barley “Risotto”

Try this big flavorful tender honey-lime grilled chicken accompanied with toasted barley, mixed mushroom and french green bean that you can feel good about eating your vegetables in a delicious way. Only 650kcal!


One of the great ways to stay awake after lunch is by eating high-energy meals. A combination of leafy greens, nuts, seeds and brown rice is a perfect combo mix to help you survive the after-lunch-sleepiness effect. Pick out a lunch that features veggies as the main attraction, including a serving of whole grains and lean protein.

Eat this instead: Choose meals with complex carbohydrates requirement and moderate amount of health fats and protein


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Recommended Dish: Chicken Chili Con Carne with Wild Rice and Seasonal Vegetables

Pick our best chicken chili con carne, a classic Mexican favorite! Flavored with chili, sautéed onions, and red kidney beans, this quintessential dish is gloriously tossed in minced chicken and seasonal vegetables. Top it off with Mexican wild rice and you’re sure this chili kick will get you energized. Only 520kcal.


You may default to delaying your lunch when you’re busy or tied up with work. When you get so focused on what you’re doing, you could just plainly forget to eat! But you shouldn’t go more than 4 – 5 hours without eating your lunch.

According to Scientific American, your brain uses a whopping 20% of all the energy you consume over the course of the day, which is more energy than any other organ. This makes feeding your brain even more critical.


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It is vital to also identify your food pattern and get regular exercise after lunch. You should also stay dehydrated throughout the day to reduce fatigue and post-lunch energy dip.

The best part is, when you get your meals at DahMakan, you’ll find a healthy and well-balanced meal.

Still feeling sleepy? Head over to DahMakan and check out other healthy meals, drinks and snacks that could switch on your brain cells and help you get more stuff done within the day. Don’t forget to shop through a2a and earn 7% LP!

Tell us which meal is your favorite too!

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