10 Simple Tips to Ace Your JPJ Practical Road Test with Infodriv Enterprise

There will come a time in everyone’s life where they feel the need to get out and explore life on the road. The thought of getting a driver’s license can be a little bit intimidating and anxious. If you’re a parent or guardian of a teenager who just completed their high school, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.


Nevertheless, with these 10 golden tips from Infodriv Enterprise, you’ll be well on the road to success! *These tips are specially only for cars (Class D).

#1 Wear Seat Belt



If a candidate forgets to wear the seat belt, 5 marks will be deducted from the test. This will mean an instant failure.

#2 Obey All Traffic Lights



Beating the traffic light will cause you to fail. Get ready to slow down when the light turns amber. If you’re approaching a traffic light near schools, you’ll have to stop irregardless whether there are any pedestrians crossing the road.

#3 Stopping Correctly at Junctions



It’s not just about stopping at junctions, ideally you should stop 2 metres from the junction line. This will allow you to see clearly on both sides of the road. When you have stopped the car at the junction, pull the handbrakes and put your indication on which direction you intend to go. Ensure there are no vehicles coming from both sides before you proceed to drive out from the junction. Never attempt to cross the road while traffic is approaching.

#4 Using One Hand to Drive



Apart from changing gear (manual cars), you should avoid driving with one hand. Driving with only one hand is not only dangerous, but it goes on to show your arrogance as a driver. Doing this will definitely get you a well-deserve failure.

#5 Avoid Accidents or Spoiled Vehicles on the Road



Try not to get involved in a near accident and avoid spoiled vehicles on the road.

#6 Do Not Overtake Vehicles During Test



During the test, you should not attempt to overtake other vehicles. If there are obstacles or other vehicles ahead of you, try to stop at a safe distance behind them.

#7 Use Indicators/ Signals and Rear/ Side Mirrors





If you are incapable of using indicators and mirrors, you will be less likely to pass your test. Make sure you can use these items well during your practical test.

#8 Good Steering Control



Your inability to control the steering well might not allow you to secure a driving license. You should be able to prove to the examiner on your confidence and ability to control the steering well. This would also go a long way in helping you to drive steadily.

#9 Avoid Engine Dying Off Constantly



If you are driving with an engine that dies off too often (especially for manual cars), this indicates your inability to control a vehicle. It will give the examiner a poor impression on your ability to drive well. Practice makes perfect – if you can learn the skill of balancing the accelerator and clutch, you’ll be on your way to a successful test.

#10 Be Courteous and Well Mannered



Greeting and thanking the examiner goes a long way in helping you to secure a driving license. Upon arriving at the destination, ask the examiner politely whether you should or should not switch off the engine, then follow the instructions closely.

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