10 Awesome Storage Ideas Every Home Needs

Don’t you hate it when your home is always overwhelmed with clutter? Let’s face it – we don’t really stop buying things which we end up accumulating them over time. Hardly anyone likes wasting time on cleaning, mopping, dusting, hovering or putting things on the shelves. It seems like a struggle whenever we need to endure these terribly mundane, routine activities.

Well, not everything is as it seems. You’re in luck because here’s 10 awesome storage ideas to help you wrangle the mess and surely help de-clutter your life.

Idea #1: Containers for spices


Empty tic-tac boxes are good for storing spices as well as helping you to take them to wherever you are going without the risk of them getting spilled everywhere.

Idea #2: A second life for old magazine rack


Large hair styling accessories can be organized vertically in a nice old rack. So, retrieve it from the cupboard or store room and give it another chance to be used — you’ll not regret it!

Idea #3: Save some space in the closet


You’ll be surprised at just how useful a simple pull-tab from an aluminum can help you save space and organize your things rationally. Just fasten it to a clothes hanger and you’ll understand the magic of it!

Idea #4: Useful undergarment dividers


Space in the lingerie drawer can be wisely organized by using plastic pipes. You can even be creative by using empty toilet rolls to replace the plastic pipes. Phew, another problem solved!

Idea #5: Drawer under the bed


Drawers from old furniture can still be useful you. Put some fresh bed clothes there and hide it under the bed until they’re needed.

Idea #6: Hidden cabinets behind picture frame


This is an interesting one. You can hide a small narrow cabinet behind a picture frame.  These are not only useful for saving space, but they also look rather creative and charming too!

Idea #7: DIY Fabric Tupperware Pockets


You can make this simple yet brilliant tupperware drying pockets. Try to use something that is breathable and quick drying, and can last much longer. With this brilliant idea, the next time you won’t have to scramble around for plastic tupperware or lids.

Idea #8: Budget-friendly drawer dividers


Why spend money when you probably have things around the house that could serve the purpose of drawer dividers without adding extra expenses? Get creative with things like muffin liners, empty egg carton or even a shoe box. This way, you can store all your little odds and ends without losing them in the back of the drawer.

Idea #9: Food wraps


If you enjoy cooking or baking, this idea would be useful for you! The back of the kitchen door is one of the perfect places to store your rolls of plastic wrap and foil. Just use two self-adhesive plastic hooks, measure the door and fit the box by sliding the ends into the hook. It doesn’t take up much space and it’s easy to pull the wrap off the box while it’s secured to the door.

Idea #10: Flip flop storage


Finally, for all flip flop fans, here’s an easy way to keep them organized and off the floor. Simply modify your hangers with a wire cutter and a pair of pliers into a storage solution for your flip flops, slippers and lightweight flats.

So, there you go!


Now you can bid goodbye to messy spaces and say hello to clutter-free, organized homes. Try to make use of these brilliant ideas to relieve your home from looking like a war zone. Do share with us if you have more creative ideas by leaving a comment below and remember to shop through a2a to earn Loyalty Points!

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